Fuel storage / Hot Water Storage (Calorifiers)


In today’s world energy is a very valuable resource and thus one has to make sure that it is stored in the best and most efficient way possible.
At O.M.B we have more than thirty years of history, hard work, travel, constant investment in research and development and in the training of human resources have allowed us to become a leader in the boiler industrya.
We manufacture systems and products for the containment of liquids and gases, the exchange of thermal energy for alternative energy sectors and energy saving both at civil and industrial level.
Our vast range of domestic hot water storage and production systems is second to none and together with our team of Italian engineers we are always looking at the best possible solution to store the heat energy produced in the best possible way.


The advantage of a well established group set up in 1988 by bringing together two leading companies in the field of steel processing. The reliability of a pure manufacturing company: Righetto Serbatoi design and manufacture all their storage tanks, silos and settling tanks.
All products, designed for various applications and sectors, take shape in the workshops in Altavilla Vicentina. We are one of the few companies on the market able to offer directly from the factory such a wide range of products and solutions. We also specialize in the design and production of customized products for the storage, transportation of fuels and several types of liquids, for the dismissal and refueling, besides the integrated fire fighting systems.
The reliability of the CE mark and the specific standards of the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport and Navigation. Righetto offers the highest safety and functionality standards, studied specifically for every project.