Diesel Power Generators


PRAMAC’s history began in 1966, and from its inception has continually evolved and transformed, expanding its product portfolio and becoming the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment. PRAMAC’s diverse business lines ensure the company is a leading player in a wide variety of global markets.

With 17 subsidiaries and 6 manufacturing plants situated in Europe, Asia and South America, Pramac is present in 150 different countries. Pramac manufactures a complete and flexible product range that satisfies the full spectrum of energy needs to suit customers worldwide.

In the energy production field, PRAMAC offers solutions for every operational demand, both for Standby and Prime use applications with diesel and gas engine options available. Moreover, PRAMAC industrial natural gas generators offer the opportunity, in addition to their use as an emergency standby asset, to be used for self-power generation, lowering or eliminating the peak of consumption from the utility and generating economic advantages for the clients.


Another brand we are proudly representatives of is Ferbo. Ferbo is a historic company and leader in the field of industrial engineering. Ferbo Energy offers an extensive range of excellent systems, which meet the modern requirements of energy need, developed with research, advanced technology and manufactured with high quality materials. Ferbo allows the customization of products based on customer specifications.
The ability to fully satisfy all customer needs is our company’s added value. We are able to offer innovative solutions for energy demand and, above all. Furthermore, we can offer a tailormade service starting from the initial project, up to the final realization, making use of a large stock of all the best brands on the market.