DATA Centres & Networks

AFL Hyperscale

At NAS we deliver advanced, scalable network infrastructure solutions to facilitate the bandwidth and connectivity required in the building of today and in the future. This is why we work with AFL Hyperscale which are the industry expert in copper and fibre optic connectivity for large-scale projects, campuses and data centres.

Together with AFL Hyperscale, we are united in our pursuit to connect the unconnected. We work collaboratively with our customers to create connectivity solutions tailored to their current needs and to the requirements of future networks.

We offer a comprehensive array of copper and fibre products, solutions, and network configurations to use, modify or customize Ultra High Density (UHD) and Ultra High Fiber Count (UHFC) solutions available Base 8 & Base 16 connectivity & patching solutions to support up to 400G and beyond Splicing/connectivity / patching / cabling for Modular and Edge Data Centres.

Constant technological advancement often means that running out-of-date technology consumes more space, power, and time. This is why we are always at the forefront of offering the latest technologies when it comes to network infrastructure solutions to our clients.


LANDE A.Ş is a manufacturer of Racks, Cabinets, Data Centres, and relative accessories with the highest level of knowledge, based in Turkey. It was established in 2012 by a team that leads the sector with its experience of 20 years to develop and market innovative, ergonomic, economic, and functional products.

At NAS, we always strive towards fulfilling the requirements of customers beyond their expectations. Therefore, we embrace Lande’s main goal completely in supplying our customers with affordable, practical and reliable products and to offer high-quality after-sale service,

A very wide selection possibility from Lande cabinet models, allows you to find a proper housing for your IT equipment. Various widths, depths, and heights are offered for your selection. At the end of the day a well-chosen cabinet will not only look good, add security, make it easier to maintain the equipment but also increase the lifespan of your devices, so saving you money.