Wasteserv – Case Study


In the realm of industrial projects, achieving success often requires navigating an intricate landscape of client demands, technical intricacies, and regulatory compliance. NAS Limited, a distinguished player in the field of industrial installations, recently faced such a challenge. The task at hand? Supplying, installing, and commissioning a state-of-the-art steam boiler at Malta’s esteemed Thermal Treatment Facility (TTF). In this extensive case study, we delve into the intricacies of the project, meticulously dissecting the selection of the UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler, key project milestones, unique considerations, stringent safety protocols, environmental ramifications, and the profound impact this endeavor had on NAS’s esteemed reputation.

Project Overview

The TTF project was conceived with a singular aim – to elevate the efficiency of carcass processing through the provision, installation, and commissioning of an advanced steam boiler. This initiative sought to optimize operational efficiency, curtail waste heat generation, and substantially diminish water consumption within the facility, aligning seamlessly with the pursuit of sustainability and enhanced performance.

Challenges and Requirements

Our client presented NAS Limited with a host of specific requirements and formidable challenges. Foremost among these challenges was the imperative to expedite the delivery and installation of equipment while minimizing disruption to ongoing processes. Furthermore, the meticulous layout and installation of process pipelines demanded strict adherence to stringent safety protocols. A substantial obstacle emerged in the form of dismantling and responsibly disposing of the existing equipment, necessitating uncompromising compliance with a labyrinth of environmental regulations.

Selection of UNICAL BAHR’12 Boiler

The selection process for the UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler followed a rigorous government tender. In this fiercely competitive arena, NAS Limited triumphed as the lone technically compliant bidder, despite not being the lowest in cost. The UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler emerged as the preferred choice owing to its distinctive capability for seamless customization, rendering it perfectly aligned with the precise operational requisites outlined by the client.

Key Features of the UNICAL BAHR’12 Boiler

Distinguished by its remarkable customization capabilities, the UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler excelled in delivering not only exceptional operational efficiency but also a noteworthy reduction in emissions. This resulted in an impressive overall efficiency rating of 97%. The boiler’s fully modulating system, coupled with flue gas recirculation, underscored its pivotal role in achieving the project’s overarching environmental and energy efficiency goals.

Project Timeline and Milestones

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, adherence to the predefined timeline was unwavering. Key milestones were meticulously synchronized with the client’s expectations, underscoring NAS Limited’s commitment to precision and timely delivery.

Installation Process and Unique Considerations

With unwavering dedication, NAS Limited meticulously orchestrated the entire installation, exclusively deploying its own resources and personnel. This endeavor was punctuated by unique considerations, including the seamless integration of the existing stainless steel flue/chimney without any alterations to its original position or the structural integrity of the facility’s roof. The automation feature introduced a new level of operational sophistication, necessitating meticulous system integration and harmonization to meet the client’s exacting operational specifications.

Safety and Regulations

In unwavering compliance with local OHSA (Operational Health and Safety Authority) safety regulations, NAS Limited meticulously conducted a comprehensive risk assessment before initiating the project. Stringent adherence to safety wear protocols was a non-negotiable priority, underlining the company’s commitment to a secure project environment.

Environmental and Energy Efficiency Goals

The UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler made substantial contributions to the project’s environmental objectives, notably reducing waste heat generation and water consumption. This achievement seamlessly aligned with the overarching environmental and energy efficiency objectives of the project, underscoring NAS Limited’s commitment to sustainability.

Unexpected Issues and Solutions 

NAS Limited encountered an unexpected LPG issue that, while not initially within the project’s scope, demanded resolution for the equipment to operate seamlessly. The company’s exemplary expertise played a pivotal role in effectively addressing and resolving this unforeseen challenge, ensuring uninterrupted project progress.

NAS’s Role in Commissioning and Operation

NAS Limited assumed comprehensive responsibility for the installation process, seamlessly managing logistical planning and fostering transparent communication with the client. This holistic approach resulted in a seamless and high-quality project execution, further solidifying NAS’s reputation as an industry leader.

Impact on NAS’s Reputation and Future Prospects 

The triumphant conclusion of the TTF project elevated NAS Limited’s reputation as a company with the unparalleled ability to design and execute large-scale plant room installations with exceptional efficiency and expertise. This achievement will undoubtedly yield numerous opportunities and enhance the company’s standing within the industry.


The installation of the UNICAL BAHR’12 boiler at Malta’s esteemed Thermal Treatment Facility stands as a resounding testament to NAS Limited’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship. This extensive case study underscores the pivotal role played by effective communication, technical acumen, and strict adherence to safety and environmental regulations in the successful execution of intricate industrial projects, ultimately benefiting both clients and service providers.